DataTravel™ HOP Essentials introduces you to the principles, theory, and application of this new security method. 

DataTravel HOP Essentials 

For thirty years HOP Starvation has been keeping Internet BGP (Border Gateway Routers) safe from disruption.  This course will introduce principles, theory and application of this promising new security method. 

Key concepts covered include:

  • Vital Server Data Protection
  • TCP/IP HOP Field default values
  • Global Attack Surface was fine at initial Internet – but not now because of hackers
  • Step by step HOP Animation – the simplicity of how it works
  • Catching Phish + Ransomware Attack – reporting attacks from outside the Sphere of Trust
  • Conventional Security vs. HOP Starvation – keeping data inside
  • Network traffic capture points – WireShark, Taps and Spans
  • HOP Visibility user interface – DataTravel Maps
  • Vulnerability – Showing DataTravel Interactive Maps and Click Filters to risky locations 
  • Catch Phish remediation animation steps
  • HOP Starvation Security Tool Portfolio
  • Login + investigation maps
  • Point and click filters
  • Block Compliance and Report Sharing
  • Investigation Report
  • Timeline Zoom + Filters
  • Wireshark download and install
  • Capture options + Snaplen to slice off data leaving only headers
  • Selecting the Capture File or Live Recorder choice
  • Uploading to HOP Investigation Portal
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