Got Quic? Triple Web Performance – One Browser Setting

Caution! Consider QUIC an “Attractive Nuisance” Until Firewalls Provide Adequate Support

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) readies updates to Internet’s protocols delivering a scorching 3x performance. A weekend experiment by Google employee Jim Roskind advances through the Internet’s final standards process. Top one percenter Internet service operators – Google, YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, and others have deployed it secretly, albeit in plain sight.  It must be turned on specifically on your browser to enable improvements. Finally, something for Rural folks – slow or distant users receive the biggest bump. Even Microsoft looks to apply QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) to speed file services. Existing network protocols are no slouches, but when Amazon and Yahoo says low latency hits the bottom line with up to 1% in gross sales, the stakes set the motivation high. Browsers enabling QUIC, still considered experimental, puts vital data at risk. Most firewalls cannot or have yet to apply advanced security methods to make QUIC more secure. Despite security risk, the vast majority will turn it on – and many are open now.  

Latency is the problem – not even money can change the speed of light. TCP/IP’s stalwart TCP Transmission Control Protocol’s sliding window of bytes can overcome effects of latency, but not eliminate its existence. Lost count of CIO’s placing database servers at far off datacenters thinking TCP would overcome latency – a costly mistake as slow applications had to be abandoned or completely rearchitected after years and millions burned – and that does not count lost productive time turning smart people into zombies as they make small talk forcing customers to stay on the line. It still takes ATT and Apple hours to provision a smart watch – and not getting better from experience.  


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